Need help fast, trying to upgrade a dell dimension 4600 mem

I am trying to install 2 512mb corsair ddr-400 in my moms computer. It had 2 128mb of who knows what. When I take out the old sticks and replace with the 2 new sticks in the same slots, the computer beeps 3 times when I first turn it on and does nothing else. I got these from corsairs website because their memory selector selected these. I need help fast because I am at my mothers house and have to leave in about an hour to go to work. If any1 can help I really appreciate it. In case it would help, here is the part number of the sticks cmss512mb-400. I also wanted to ask incase these wont work in my moms pc, I have a dimension 8200 that uses rdram and wondered if these will work in my pc. Thanks for any help again.
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  1. Quite possibly, you did not seat the memory correctly. Make sure to ground yourself before messing with the inside of the computer. A static shock can do quite a bit of damage. Try to reseat the memory firmly in the slots. Make sure the notches line up and the latches on both sides of the chips are completely locked in.

    I checked Dell's website on the 4600 Beep codes, but there wasn't one for just three beeps. Are you certain it was just three? There were no pauses at all?

    Also, can you still boot from the old RAM?

    You cannot use the memory in your 8200 system.
  2. Thanks for your help anoobis. I did make sure they were seated all the way and the tabs were locked into place. I also made sure to continuously hold onto the metal part of the case to eliminate static shock. I got online chat with a dell rep and he said I must have gotten some bad sticks and that those should have worked with my moms pc. I ordered those from corsairs website (well it redirected me to, so in actuallity, I ordered it from them) so I will see if they will replace them. I dont have a pc to test with to see which stick is bad or if both are. I just hope I am not out $104. Oh and as far as the beeps, I am pretty sure it was 3, but it could have been 2. It would just beep 2 or 3 times as soon as I plugged back the power cord and then wouldnt even turn on.
  3. Well you really need to be specific about those beep codes. You can look them up on Dell's site but you really have to take note of any pauses and what not to make sure you're looking up the right one.

    If it still boots with the old RAM than it is most likely the new stuff. Too bad you couldn't test it in another machine though. I've heard Dell's are really picky about RAM, but considering you used what Corsair recommended this does seem odd. Even Corsair can have a bad lot.
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