Tyan K8WE (S2895) -Instaling WindowsME -to upgrade to XP?

Hi. I have new AMD opteron 270's dual processor system on Tyan K8WE Motherboard; Im about to instal windows XP pro upgrade version 2002. -Which means I have to go threw the tedious process of installing Windows ME first and then using that as a base to instal XP upgrade. -My question: Is there a better way? -Is there some way of bypassing having to instal ME?

2) Does old windows ME even support these new AMD 64bit processors? -Will it even instal? -Will I have to buy a new copy of windows?
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  1. actually you should be able to start the install for XP and it will ask for a previous version of windows.. you pop out the XP disk. throw in the ME disk and it checks it.. kicks it back out and ask for the XP disk.. easy..

    although i think ME was one of the operating systems that XP wouldnt upgrade from... i might be wrong..
  2. You absolutely do not want to do it the way you suggested. Installing an operating system once can have enough issues, not to mention trying to install ME, and then install XP on top of it. As bombasschicken said, just run the install for XP and it will ask for a previous version of windows. XP does accept ME as a previous version, so just stick the CD in and you'll be fine.
  3. then was it 2k that didnt accept ME?? i know i had this issue years ago.. i couldnt upgrade from some version of windows.. humm maybe it was 2K
  4. Im attempting it now, so we will all find out in about 30 minutes....
  5. My WinXP pro upgrade disk will not boot.

    I start the computer up and attept to boot from CD, (making sure that My CD-ROM is set in bios to boot first) The CD-ROM spins up and it says:
    "Invalid system disk
    Replace the disk, and then press any key"

    Whats the problem? So what do I do?
  6. Ok,

    It took me all day of trial and error but I found out this>

    Boot from MaxBlast floppy disk in order to format disk. (maxblast is from Maxtor since I have a maxtor hard drive - and it is 500 times faster than FDISK command.
    Use Maxtor maxblast to partition drive as you wish. Use FAT32 file format only or it will give erros when trying to instal windows. Dont use NTFS yet. You can convert to NTFS during windows XP instal.
    Restart with Windows XP boot disk in drive and Instal CD in CD-ROM.

    WindowsXP setup will begin.

    you done.
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