Would the Geforce 6800 GS run on high for Battlefield 2?

I would like to know how good it is compared to the 6800 GT 256MB

I do not want to be told to get the 7800, i dont want to spend more than $200.
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  1. Get a 7600, it outperforms the 6800 GS by a pretty big margin. You can find one for $200.
  2. ok. but i dont want to spend $200 not just yet, just something that can run on high and smooth. if you can squaterer, tell me the comparisons from the Geforce 6800 GS and the Geforce 6800 128MB (the card i have now)
  3. You will get a big performance boost. OK, before I start I'd like to say that I've looked at numerous benchmarks and FPS tests on various platforms and games. 6800GS = 6800GT. Don't tell me that this card has more pipes, or this card has this. In Benches and Gaming, they are equal. Proof:

    Look at the graph and numbers. Barely one FPS difference.

    Again, but this time, look, the difference is TWO FPS!

    Keep flipping the pages in the review, and you will find that the FPS between the GS and GT only vary at a maximum of 7 or 8 FPS at regular resolutions. OK, I did notice that in the 640 test the difference was 11 FPS, but who plays at that resolution anyways???

    OK, now that we've established GS = GT, look at these benchmarks.

    The GT got 104.9, while the vanilla 6800 got 58.7. The performance boost is pretty big. Keep looking at the FPS on the games, you get big differences.

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