Riviera- Strange hissing sounds.

I bought a Turtle Beach Riviera to replace my onboard sound. I took the green 2.1 speaker cable out of the onboard slot, installed the Riviera card in a free PCI slot, and plugged the speaker cable into the green jack on the Riviera. I installed the drivers, and changed the audio options to have Riviera be my default device.
I don't get any sounds, just strange hissing noises when something is trying to play. If i go back to the onboard sound, it's fine again. The first thing I noticed is that I have about 5 copies of 'Legacy Audio Drivers', and I cannot remove them! The option to uninstall these drivers has been disabled. How do I get my sound card to work?
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  1. 1. start PC in safe mode, deinstall Riviera
    2. reboot and b4 you get into Windows
    3. go into bios, disable onboard sound
    4. install Riviera
  2. I already turned off onboard sound in the BIOS...

    maybe just a dud card?
  3. Maybe the soundcard is configured with that port in some digital mode. Go into the sound properties and verify the card is in the correct mode.
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