Overclocking OCZ Platinum Rev 2 memory

My first post...

AMD 3700+
6600GT (planning on upgrading)
3 Raptor 36 GB RAID 0
OCZ Platinum Rev 2
Kingwin Aquastar cooling
Aerocool Turbing PS

I am having an issue getting my OC higer than 245FSB. I bought this memory a while back because I wanted to OC. I want to keep my stock multiplier on my CPU but my memory keeps dieing. I have it set to DDR 333 with timings of 2-3-3-7 and 2.9V 1T command. I would LIKE to put it back to DDR 400 (don't think it will happen), but I can not pass where I am at on my FSB even if I use 3-5-5-8 timings and 3.0V and DDR 333 settings(I tried, many times), it hits winblows and then BSoD. I am new to this OC'ing thing, but have read up on this and I can not figure out why I can not get more speed. I know it is not my memory because it is 100% stable with 1.45VCore now and when I try pushing the FSB more, I raise it to 1.5VCore. I also want to Keep my 1T command; my goal is to pass the teoretical max of 6.4GBps of the memory bus. I am only at 5.5GBps. I am out of I deas, help please.
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  1. It has been a while since my last bios update (as in never...), think that a new bios may help?
  2. So, you think it is more of my MOBO than my memory? FYI, the BSod says that it is doing a "phyical dump of the memory."
  3. This is my first OC, so that may explain my lack of knowlage of this board. So, I am about maxed out then. That sucks.
  4. If I get another board it will be AM2.
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