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Alright, I'm pretty new to all this modern tech stuff as much as i try to keep up with it. Right now i have a 175watt psu and 32meg fanless vid card. I just bought a x1900xt and Aspire 520watt psu with my new system, and im wondering if i need some sort of adapter or anything to plug my power supply into my video card.
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  1. Yeah! you will need a PCI-E power adapter but it may come with your PSU.
    If your PSU does not come with it you can purchase one. It's a regular 4pin
    power connector but with a 6 pin connector on the other end.
  2. What are the rest of your specs?

    Not all 520W PSUs are the same.

    The power cable usually comes with the VGA card itself.
  3. 175 W PSU??? is this a dell?
    does it even have a PCI-express slot? and yes what are the rest of the specs that was running off this 175w PSU???? :? :? :? :?
  4. The OP indicated getting a new system so I would think ( and hope ) that includes a new motherboard.
  5. haha I just read your comment. No its a compusa custom built (aka piece of shit that needs to die). It has an agp and i checked its version and its a 2x speed agp hahahaha. otherwise i would have bought a better vid card at some point :). I think the power supply is part of the reason of why my computer will freeze sometimes, like when burning a cd. my other specs are like 1ghz thunderbird, 256meg pc133 ram, 56k, cdrw. im goin to an x24400 x1900xt and 2 gigs of good ram. its gonna be great im building tomorrow :)
  6. Excellent choice :-D

    Good Luck!
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