Asus A8N-VM

Asus A8N-VM Socket 939 nVidia GeForce 6100 + nForce 410 Dual-Ch DDR400 PCI Express Architecture Serial ATAII High Definition Audio

What do u people think bad buy or what and why help me out
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  1. :D Hi there, I did a system with a8n-vm for my cousin.He is an occasional gamer. I am very happy with the performance and price though there is no added PCI Express graphics card. The other components were Hynix DDR 400 RAM, 80Gb SATA Seagate barracuda 7200.7. Sony DVD RW. Everything works fine. OS was windows media centre. go for it and best of lucks.
  2. I use an A8N-VM CSM (the 6150/430 version) with an X2 3800+ and 2 gigs of RAM. It's a great board. With any motherboard choice though, there are reasons why one product makes the most sense as opposed to all the others out there. A typical profile for this board:
    1) No overclocking. There are no voltage adjustments in BIOS
    2) You don't need to run the fastest gaming engines. Get an nF4 board if you do (and a $300-$600 videocard).
    3) Micro ATX board size is OK (or even preferred).
    4) You want stable, quiet (no fans on mobo) rock solid AMD performance for low dollars. The board is <$90, uses CL3 value ram and offers Free video.
    5) Great for media center use, SOHOs, internet, video/movie burning.
    6) Reasonable future-proof features: PCI express slot, 4 dimms, skt 939, fast chipset (not the integrated video though), and plenty of ports.

    I could have just asked you what you plan to do with your new build, but maybe by looking at this list you can judge how it fits your needs.

    The A8N-VM CSM looks a better buy, looking at the Asus web site speak up of it. Read a review that ran a X2 4800+ on this board, it was right there with the nForce 4 Ultra boards. It has most of the stuff you would want in a board. This would be a good choice IMO.
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