need a good printer

can anybody recommend a good all around printer for under 200 bucks?
the last time i bought a printer was about 5 years ago and it was a canon bjc-250!thanks.
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  1. hi there, i only use a printer once in a while but i've owned HPs and epsons. i've had best luck with epsons myself. HP is an American company though and I think printer repair is easier on them but I prefer not to be doing printer repair.. my HP 2000c cost me 800 and quit after a year and half of use....

    i use a epson 740 now and would recommend finding one that has more ink and had the print heads on the ink carts themselves so that you are replacing the print heads everytime you put a new cartridge in. only some hps and lexmarks have the heads on the carts..

    the best printer i have ever owned was a epson stylus color, it had no numbers designating it. the first stylus color which i owned for 2 years or so never needed a ink cartridge replaced and had a 720dpi print resolution at that time that was exceptional.

    my 800dollar HP only has 600dpi and my other 682C is also 600dpi...

    so epson generally gives you more res. for the money and better quality IMO. but i dont hold any permanet grudges against hp, it'd just take alot of recommendations to get me to buy one again.

    good luck.

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  2. I have good experience with my Epson Stylus Color 880.
  3. I've had excellent results with the Canon S600. For $200, you might want to look at the S630 which is the same quality but slightly faster than the S600.

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  4. First ask yourself the next question:
    What r u planning to do with it?

    If u use is mainly for tekstprinting go for lexmark or Hp cause these have the best tekst results. Planning to do pictures otr graphics start thinking about epson. Canon seems to be back on the road, so that also onr to consider. I know Canon sucked big-time in the past but it looks like times have changed. If u go for pure image quality stick with the epson. The epson C70 is really a very good printer for about 200 bucks. Its speed is great although it doesnt get the promised 16 ppm. But it will do about 10 ppm. The big advantage of the canons are its inktprizes, these are absolutely the cheapest of all inktjet printers. The epson prizes are somewhere in the middle, HP and Lexmark prizes are outta control. My 2 personal favorites are
    Canon S500
    Epson C70

    PS dont know where AMD lives, but over here S630 isnt availible for that price !
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