Siemens wireless routers??

I am interested in setting up a wireless router to connect multiple pc's & gaming systems w/in my house. During my research...i've found that siemens wireless routers run approximately $50-70 less than other leading brands (netgear, linksys, etc.). Is there a reason for this sudden price drop?

Is this a reliable brand...or even what i need?
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  1. I think they may be dropping Siemens hardware. I can tell you this. I have a 2624, and I have been extremely happy with it. Good functionality, 5 dBi dipole (where most SOHO AP's ship with 2 or 2.2 dB antennas), and very dependable. Have only rebooted the thing a few times in the year that I have had it and that is usually because I have done something that messed me up and I needed to reset it.
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