Little bit of case advice please :)

I recently bought the Asus AH1 Barebones system and put in an Aerocool Turbine 450w PSU, Athlon64 3200(venice core), XFX Geforce6600 (512mb) and 1gb of Corsair Value Ram (soon to be 2gb) - plus the obligatory HDD and optical drive.

My problem is this - the case that comes with the AH1 barebones system is really small inside and everything is very cramped (The optical drive barely fits in once the psu cables are all hooked up). Therefore, I'm looking to get another case and have 2 in mind - The NZXT Lexa and the Aerocool Coolview.

Can anyone recommend either which one of these would be best for my system, or if you have a better suggestion for a case then I'd be really pleased to hear it! I have a budget of about £80-90 (uk)

I'm not looking to go SLi (my mo'bo wont support that anyway) anytime soon, but I want a case that'll look stylish, keep my system as cool as possible plus have plenty of room inside to maneuver and to upgrade.

Thanks guys! :D


PS. Sorry if my english is bad :(
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  1. Take a look at the Coolermaster RC-531, too.
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