Does 845D suppport hard disk for a massive storage like 160G

Does i845D suppport hard disk for a massive storage like 160G or more? what can be done to make it work if not?
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  1. The i845 chipset does, yes

    However, you'll require Windows XP with Service Pack 1 (at least) to be able to correctly partition the HDD past 137 GB.

    NTFS will likely be required instead of FAT32 (if you are even thinking about it).

    Once done confirm the Intel IDE / chipset drivers are installed, consider updating them if need be.
  2. Thank you! But what does you mean by IDE/chipset drives? Do you mean by upgrading the BIOS?
  3. The chipset, nvidia, via, intel, whatever, download the newest ones, in your case the intel 845 from

    Do a bios update from the motherboard manufacturer first, then update the drivers, then install the larger drive.
  4. The Chipset ur asking about is your "Intel845D" which is your motherboard Chipset :D
  5. My mobo is MSI, and actually my question is this, can i845d support this kind of hard dirve directly without updating the bios or something like that?
  6. the chipset supports it, whether or not it has the proper bios code is another matter, I woild venture to say yes, if it doesn't you'll only see the limited amount, then you know you need to update it.
  7. Thank you guys, for all your help! It turns out that the i845D does support without updating the bios or something like that.
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