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I just got the asus p4v800d-x to add PCI-E and found that it had OCing options so I thought Id have a go. Its a prescott 3.20 and I've got it upto 3.73 with no noticable problems. Havn't done any stress testing as I'm on stock cooling and Im waiting for my vapochill micro and my AS5 to arrive but what seems v. odd to me is that right now ASUS Probe 2 is giving me a CPU temp of 31 degrees celsius and Motherboard montior is giving me 33.

I lowered the speed to 3.73 because at 3.77 I got a BSOD cant remember exactly what it said something like "ILQ is not equal." So it doesn't appear to be the temperature that is the problem, I have 2 x 512 corsair valueslect @ 2.5, 3, 3, 7 and the FSB:DRAM ratio is @ 5:4. Anyone got any ideas whether I've reached the limit of the chip or whether it's something else?

BTW its a prescott E although CPU-Z reports it as an F
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  1. i know this not an answer to your post, but do you know of a place i can get that board in the USA.
  2. No lol. I live in the UK.

    I've had to lower the FSB to 225 so the CPUs now clocked at 3.6 Ghz as I had 3 BSODs when running SuperPI at higher frequencys just about to try 16M.

    Here are the details windows gave me regarding the BSODs

  3. I had a similar rig. It was the Asus P4C800-Deluxe and I also had the P4 3.2 Prescott (SL7E5). I used Geil DDR500 with 2.5-4-4-7 timings. This allowed me to run a 250FSB AND keep a 1:1 CPU:DDR ratio which is preferable for stability over a divider like your using. This yielded a 4.0+Ghz OC and a considerable boost in performance. I used watercooling so my temps remained rather low even with Vcore beyond 1.525.
    I noticed you posted no Vcore specs and that is a big factor on your OC, heat produced and really shows how well your HSF performs. Also, check your CPU's spec code like I've posted and hope it's the same as mine since it's a known OC'er. Some earlier steppings, C0 & earlier I believe, were not as good and generated more heat. If you have one of the more recent releases you should have no problem getting to 4.0+Ghz with proper Vcore, cooling, and RAM. Good luck.
  4. Thanks for the reply, cant check the CPU right now, cos Im not at home, Ill check it when Im back. Regarding the vcore theres no option on the motherboard for it :S so its at stock. I tried 2 find a windows app to up it but couldn't find 1, I think I might try updating the BIOS tonight, hopefully a newer revision will have it.
  5. Yep its the SL7E5. BTW anyone know of a windows app to up the vcore?
  6. Well,
    Good news is that chip will OC to 4.0+Ghz easily. Bad news is it appears that mobo won't. Don't feel alone. I just got screwed by Asus too. I bought the P5VD1-X based on the specs listed on their website and they lied! No Vcore adjustments and no CPU:DDR ratios as well! RMA'ing the PoS on monday. F'n liars, last board I buy from them and waste my time & $$. *grumble, grumble*

    Abit has served me well in the past, present and most likely future too. Give them a try. The IC7 series was a well respected run and OC very well.
  7. Yeah I'm thinking of sending this mobo back as it was advertised asd having PCIe 16x and it only has 4x. Problem is its almost impossible to find good 478 Mobos with PCIe.. know of any?

    I managed to get it to 3.72 Ghz stable with ram @ 1:1 @ 2.5 - 3 - 3 7
  8. Quote:
    Problem is its almost impossible to find good 478 Mobos with PCIe.. know of any?

    That is very true. I do know of one board... Albatron PX915P4C Pro... but I think it may be hard to find in stock. I wish there were a few more socket 478 boards w/PCIe.

    Anybody else know of others????
  9. ASUS P4GD1 looks like a god board but its only in stock in Russia...

    All of these motherboards are going to be £100+ and aren't really worth it I found an ASUS one P4GPL-X I think. Which has PCI-E + full OCing features but it only has 2 DDR slots, and I have four sticks of DRR...
  10. Thanks...I'd like to hear about more boards in this setup. That last ASUS may be one to look into.
  11. the p4gd1 is actually intended for the asian market.. but ur are on DDR 400 right? it could be your ram thats holding u back. try a divider... do intels have dividers ? my old intel p4 is on an intel board sigh.. so i dont kno much about ocing an intel sry. just a guess. u could also relax the cas to 3.
  12. After a load of testing in OCCT I'm stable @ 3.7 Ghz
    I tried changing the ram ferquency from 400 (1:1) right down to 200 and slowed the timings to 3:4:4:8 but over 3.71 it failed in OCCT within 4 minutes. So I'm pretty sure it needs the extra voltage. Im thinking of returning this board and switching it for the P4GPL-X, selling this RAM and getting 2x OCZ Platinum DDR 400, I would get faster RAM but again I've found no PCIE 16x MBs which support higher than DDR 400. If anyone could suggest any boards which are in stock then that would help, but ATM it looks like the P4GPL-X is the only option.

    Im getting a new high end grafx card soon so I need 16x and the P4V800D-X only has 4x so its no use.
  13. Just rearranged teh fans in my p180 and now in OCCT temps seem to stay at 27 then jump to 40 for a sec then switch abck :S
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