The Vcore hates me. :'(

OK, so I just built a new comp (my first build) and I'm overclocking for the first time.

AMD X2 3800
ASUS A8N-E mobo
2 GB OCZ DDR400 RAM (2-3-2-5 timing)
Antec 450 Watt SmartPower 2.0 PSU

I've been trying to overclock my 3800 to over the 4800's level. I set my RAM speed down a notch and oc'd the FSB to about 250 with no vcore or multiplier adjustments before windows failed to boot.

So, I put the fsb back down to 240 and XP boots fine, but I run Prime95 and it fails. So, I figure I need to up the vcore. I up it a little. Still fails. Up it a little more, still fails. So I look at the vcore using the Asus Probe, and it is still at 1.36 volts.

See, the problem is that I can keep upping the vcore in the BIOS, but when I load windows up, the Asus Probe reading and the CPU-Z reading still say that it has not changed. It's still at ~1.36.

BUT, if I raise the vcore in the BIOS to or over 1.425, suddenly the vcore skyrockets and fluctuates between 1.472 and 1.488! Watching CPU-Z for a couple minutes I see very brief fluctuations that go as low as 1.440 and as high as 1.520!

As a note, my RAM is not the problem with the stability. Once the higher voltage kicks in, I'm perfectly stable.

So is this stubborness about raising voltage gradually and the sudden jump up over .1 volt a problem with my mobo, or a problem with my PSU, or is this normal? I hear people say you shouldn't go over 1.5, and I only want 1.4, but I seem to be unable to go between 1.36 and 1.47. Help Me Please!
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  1. disable cool and quiet
  2. Quote:
    disable cool and quiet

    Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssss!!! It worked! THANK YOU SO MUCH, WoWChamp! I was worried I was going to have to buy a new PSU or mobo or something.

    *does happy dance*

    Thanks again!,
  3. With that behavior, you might look to see if there is a later BIOS offered for that board. Flash it if there is...
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