How to do a clean XP install from an USB optical drive?

I have an old Dell Inspiron 8100 notebook that I want to do a clean XP install to. I have wiped the hard-drive completely using Hitachi Drive fitness test. The original CD-drive doesn’t work and I have bought an external USB LaCie 16x DVD ± RW Slim Drive instead.

My problem is: how do I get the laptop to boot from the USB-optical drive?

I don’t have an USB boot-option in the bios. And I can’t seem to find a DOS driver for the LaCie.

I’m guessing that I need some kind of boot-diskette which contains a DOS-driver for the DVD-drive.

Kan anyone recommend what I should do? All help appreciated:)
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  1. Ohh, ugly. You dont' really want to get into DOS and all that for it to recognize the USB optical drive. If you don't have the boot option in the BIOS, I really doubt you can do a USB boot.
  2. Download the bootable startup Windows XP installation disks from:

    Make sure the USB CD-ROM drive is plugged in and has the OS installation disk present.

    Failing that install over LAN from another machine.
  3. anyone know how to install XP over LAN?
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