Windows 2003 Server with Sound Blaster Audigy

I am running a Windows 2003 Enterprise Server as a workstation (we bought 3 but are using 2 of the keys and we don't have any XP keys left). Works great with everything I throw at it, even starts up in 20 or less seconds on my machine. I have a built in audio card, but I want to put in a Sound Blaster Audigy SB1394 (model SB0090), yet Windows Server will not install it. I know it is not on the HCL for 2003, but on 2000 it is. All it shows up as is a "Unknown Device" with a "Net Firewire" in networking that is not started. Can anyone help me install this decent audio card with a 2003 Server.

BioStar M7VIZ (socket 462, Version 8.0)
AMD Sempron 2200+
1 GB Cosair Value Select (x2 512 MB, 3-3-3-7, PC400)
nVidia Geforce MX 440 SE
D-Link AirPlus DWL-520+ (22 Mbps, Wireless)
Maxtor 6Y060L0 (60 GB, ATA133)
350 Watt Generic Power Supply
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  1. I 'm having the same problem accept that my machine only has an Audigy 4 - I think many should have considered filing a class action law suit against Microsoft for lack of proper hardware support. It appears that Windows Server 2008 is not supported when it comes to many of the new hardware companies as well. Why this is I have no earthly idea, perhaps we should place the blame on the hardware vendors and maybe file a class action suit against them. We could all start with Creative Labs, as they seem to be responsible for the lack of proper hardware support in may of the cases I have seen since the year 2003. I think they have had plenty time "years" to get this task completed.

    I have access to create the world wide forms for support if anyone is game. All it takes is a few hundred signatures and I'm pretty sure we could get thousands.

    Bye.. e-mail me ;)
  2. Problem Solved!

    a) Download the latest driver for vista/7 to your desktop.
    b) Run it, it will decompress and ask for a language STOP don't choose a language...
    c) On device manager find your "Unknown device" and click on update driver, choose the option to find the driver in your computer and point it to C:\Windows\Temp\CRF000\Drivers\vista (this is the location of the extracted files in the setup that is waiting for you to choose a language)
    d) Press next and the drivers will install...
    e) Choose cancel in the pending setup to abort the Creative Driver installation...

    Note that I had several CRF00x folders due to numerous attempts just choose the one with the biggest number i fyou have many like me.

    It it working great with windows server 2008 and an audigy card.

  3. I think the OP was referring to Server 2003, not 2008. That may make a difference as 2003 was based on XP and 2008 is based on Vista...
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