SLi mobo under $100

hey i need help with choosing a mobo with SLi support under 100 dollars

i see bio star, MSI, and gigabyte

are they good quality?

help much appreciated

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  1. no no and yes gigabyte3 is good and peng where you been these last few days have been hell we needed you to help us fight the army's of evil intel
  2. i kno th eKN8 is good but tis too expensive i want chaper parts

    piddy i am staying neutral for this part

    then ill make fun of intel fanboys when AMD pwns intel k? :)
  3. cheaper one looks good what else are you building with
  4. or get this one: ASRock 939SLI32-eSATA2

    for $82.99

    it has dual x16 slots
  5. no it doesnt its false advertisment it saysSLi32 buc its 2 8x's



    but yes that board is a possibility

    building with:
    Opteron 144
    gig of RAM
    Antec TX1050B
    6800GS OR 7600GT

    i got everything else
  6. Epox has one for that price, I've been happy with my board by them.
  7. ill chcek Epox

    scroll down to the 2nd image
  8. hey is the ASRock board any good in OCing?

    what about the cheaper gigabyte board?

    and how about the Abit?
  9. I got a KN8-SLi 110 bucks at newegg. works great, overclocks, benchmarks right up there. one thing mounting must insulate non-metallic mounting holes on board, read instructions board will not post unless mounted just right. The CMOS jumper is a pain to get to (I need to get a remote switch so I can really do some overclocking). This was my first build and I had a easy time with this MOBO.
  10. If you are going to be doing any overclocking, go with the abit, currently the two best brands for overclocking are DFI and ABIT, so go with the KN8, i have the AN8-Sli, one step up from the KN8, and it overclocks so much better than all my friends motherboards. Dont cheap out on your motherboard, it is the baqckbone of your system.
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