opteron 1**, are they single or dual core?

i've recently been looking at the opteron 1** series and they have confused me, are they dual core or single core? Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. Not too sure, but opty 165 and up are dual... I think.

    I got confused over that as well, from Newegg's spec's.
  2. both!
  3. i think these CPU naming systems are getting ridiculous these days...why can't they be as simple as they were in the ole days of yore....
  4. Opteron 165's and up are dual core
    the ones below 165 are single core
    All 1xx versions are 939 pin CPU's
  5. cheers for the help guys, i feel....enlightened!
  6. Both is correct...generally speaking, those 100 series opterons that end on either 0 or 5 are dual core and those that end on an even number are single core...i.e.; 144, 146, 148 being single core with the 170 175, 180 being dual core...


    Check out the link and see for yourself! Enjoy!
  7. 2.4GHz
    Model 150

    Single Core... Heh I almost fell for it.
  8. now that i know these are brilliant value great o/c dual cores, should i get one or should i wait for conroe......decisions decisions decisions.
  9. no you forgot that early opty 1xx were socket 940 such as 140 142 144 146 and the first fx fx-51 maximum ownage :lol:
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