GeForce 7400 Go?

So I've been trying to get statistics or other infromation about this card, and all that I know is that it exists. I recently ordered a laptop from HP and got one of their laptops for college. Its an hp pavilion dv8000. It has decent specs on it and I'm just curious how well it'll perform in games, and in compiling programs (I'm getting a CS minor).

Lets see the stats are:
Core Duo 2.0 Ghz
Geforce 7400 Go
1 GB 533 ddr2 (no clue on the timings, hopefull not 5-5-5-15 or I'll have to change that)

that's all the relevent ones. Any ideas on how well this will be? I know its not going to be like the 7800gtx but I do expect it to at least run current games on medium graphics at 1680x1050 (That's the native resolution).

Any thoughts? And please don't say hp sucks, even if they do, this just needs to last for 4 years.
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  1. Anyone know anything about this card? I looked up some stats on nvidia's website, and of course they are vague.
  2. Definitely not enough from review sites.

    Based on specs and speculation (based on GF7600 performance).

    GF6600GO < GF7400GO < GF6800GO < GF7600GO < GF6800UGO.

    But I haven't seen much on 'em.
  3. Just in case anyone else has the same question I did here's the answer. I scored a 2010 on futuremarks 3dmark05 and couldn't be happier with my lapop.
  4. Sweet!

    Could you run a few other tests and publish the full information (like cut an paste the various sub scores)?

    As you can see there is very limited information out ther about performance, and it would help alot. I think I got the performance about right (better than a Gf6600/X700 but not quite a GF6800), but your info would be great.
    I can post some about my X700 and perhaps even the GF6800GO (gotta grab my friend's).

    Glad you got a laptop you're happy with, I so know how you feel. Of course now that Oblivion's out I want a new laptop with a chip as good as your or better, cause my punny X700 just doesn't do it. :mrgreen:

    Enjoy Dude! 8)
  5. what a X700 in a laptop still kicks ass.

    I only have a 9200 in my laptop.
  6. Sure what tests do you want me to run? I did find a rather displeasing amount of webpages about the 7400. I'm not saying that the 7400 is the best or better than the x700. But my laptop is ultra thin, and runs cool, plus is more powerful than I ever expected it to be. So overall I'm very impressed.
  7. Actually I'm thinking the GF7400 GO likely is a bit better.

    If you could run 3Dmark 01, 03, to add to the 05 you already ran, that should give us a good spectrum of perfomance if you cut/paste the raw individual test scores like I did in the Catalyst comparison thread;

    OMG 4.9: total: 3306 ; GT1: 108.7fps GT2: 20.5fps GT3: 19.2fps GT4: 22.1fps ;
    Fill Rate Single: 896.5 mt/s Multi: 1565.3 mt/s ; VS: 10.4fps PS2.0: 33.2fps ; Ragtroll: 13.3fps

    With 3Dmark2001 you can pretty muh post as many links as you want so doing one run and posting it should provide all the info for as long as people look at the thread.

    If you see any other benchmarks in that thread above you'd like to try and then post the results, all the better. I will post the same tests you do just for a reference (believe me I'm sure you're faster).

    That way it gives us a great reference point.
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