How do i setup raid 0 with windows 7?

I've built two computers before, however i have never set up a raid 0 array, i have been doing some research and it seems that i have to go into the bios and create the array, however, where i go after this is a mystery to me, will windows 7 automatically recognize the raid 0 array? Does it install the ICH10R drivers for the mobo raid controller, if not how and at what point do i install the drivers? please help me out here!
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  1. Load your RAID drivers on a bootable floppy or USB drive.

    Go into the BIOS and enable RAID, and make your optical drive the 1st boot device.
    Then you should see an option to access the RAID BIOS. Set up your array.
    Save and exit
    Insert your OS disc and restart
    Start the format/install process. At the very beginning watch for the f6 prompt to install RAID or 3rd party drivers. Hit f6 to select your RAID drivers.
    The RAID drivers will install, and then windows will continue installing on the array.
  2. where can i get the driver i need?
  3. From your motherboard manufacturer's website.
  4. You may not need a driver... I didn't when I created my array... both Vista and 7 recognized it without the need for an extra driver. However, it's still a good idea to download it just in case.
  5. I haven't had as much luck with vista recognizing drivers, but windows 7 has been GREAT at finding drivers on it's own. That's probably what has impressed me the most about windows 7.
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