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I have a system built on a Intel D865GBF motherboard with a Intel 2.8 GHZ processor, 1 GN memory, that all of sudden has stopped booting. When I turn on the power it will try to boot for about 3-4 secs then shutdown. System has been operational for about a year until now. CPU fan comes on, check for memory is happening as if i remove get the beeps signaling no memory. HD starts to spin for the last sec or so of teh sequence, then all stops.

Does anyone have any ideas about what is going on?
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  1. Start by checking the memory in another system. Memtest is a free download. Or, if you have a spare power supply, try that next.
  2. Try replacement PSU like above poster said.
    beeping = computer is working somewhat, but losing power somehow.
    Might want to try a different power strip? hehe
    Hopefully its not shorting your power button or something...

    Try entering the BIOS and see if it still shuts down. If it does, probably a hardware problem.
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