How to clean detritus from my DELL LCD screen?

I have a DELL LCD 20" ultrafine and some type of small chemical spots have found their way onto the LCD screen. How and what chemical cleaner if any can I use to clean the LCD screen without damaging it? DELL gave me no instruction how to do this. Thanks to you.
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  1. windex never hurt my monitor. But I always sprayed it on a paper towel and then whiped the screen that way.
  2. Rubbing alcohol on proper optical cloths.

    Or pre-moistened optical cleaning wipes from Walmart $1.99 for 40, that's what I use for just about everything glass/lens I have, very handy moist towelette package format, and I can stack them everywhere without worrying about pouring on just the right amount of fluid and then cleaning a cloth, etc. Disposeable and biodegradable. 8)

    I have a box at work, in the car, in the living room, and in my office (where my computers are [laptop goes from there to living room]). All this and I don't even wear glasses other than sunglasses for driving and skiing.

    They are just very handy for all the 'screens' in my life.
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