Does anyone know what chipset the Conroe will use?

I figure that the conroe will use the 975 chipset. But will the conroe be able to be used on a 955 or any other chipset?
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  1. Conroe will be supported by the new 965 chipset coming out. The 975 is supposed to support it however, i'm still unclear as to whether it will or not due to the lower voltage requirements of conroe.

    When they tested conroe against the FX60 the other day, they used the 975 chipset. I imagine the newer boards with the 975 will support it. Not sure though.

    The 955 as far as I know, will not support it.
  2. The only current chipset to support Conroe is the i975X Intel chipset.

    The future chipsets will start with the Q963, Q965, P965, G965.

    I haven't memorized all the features yet. 8O

    But I do know the Q series will be part of the Stable Image Platform Program (ie. for businesses), the P965 will likely be the mainstream enthusiast, and the G965 will have integrated graphics.

    A extreme series chipset has not been announced yet to replaced i975X, although those chipsets will have newer features and southbridges.
  3. If anyone wants to know how Conroe confronts FX60,you'll love the benchmarks.
  4. Yeah, that article pretty much sums it up for the future of Intel and Conroe. It sure is looking really good at this point and I for one, will be the first in line to purchase a new Conroe chip.
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