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Hey ppl, i just recently build a new gaming system and have already got it up and running on my previous monitor. Now the reason im posting this thread is cause im upgrading to a 19" LCD monitor next week (already ordered) and have already sold my old one. To last the wait i got a hold of an old 15" CRT compaq monitor but when i turned it on a message was displayed saying "Sync out of Range". Im a bit worried know, not about the crappy 15" but about my comp! What i want to know is, Is the prob only something to do with the monitor or is my PC thrashed!!?? What i mean is when i get my 19" will it do the same or will it just pick up from where my pc left off? thanks.
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  1. It's your resolution set that your monitor doesn't report i believe.
  2. I just means that your monitor settings are incorrect - don't worry, your computer is fine. Try hooking it up to another monitor for the time being, and set the resolution to 800x600 @ 60hz. A low setting like that should get the picture to display correctly again.

    When you do get the new lcd - the monitor most likely will not have a problem with your computer. If it does, the first thing you should check is the refresh rate, once again setting it down to 60 hz, and then working your way up to a higher refresh rate. Windows shouldn't let you choose a refresh rate higher than your monitor supports.
  3. Thanks for the help, solved my problem completely! thanks again, preciate it.
  4. another way to do this (is you have windows) if to press F8 during boot up (just before the windows logo appears) and select vga mode, you dont need to find another monitor to do this :P
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