Just installed Win7 Pro - questions about getting it set like I want

Just installed Win7 Professional x64 on my office computer yesterday and have a few questions about getting it set up the way I like it.

System specs are as follows: Dell Precision 490 workstation (3 yrs old), dual dual-core Xeon 2.66 GHz processors, brand new 640GB WD black HDD, 4 GB FB-DIMM memory (will be upgrading to 16 GB next week), nVIDIA Quadro FX550 graphics card, dual 19" LCD's connected via DVI @ 1280x1024 each.

This is an architecture office, and we run Autodesk Revit Architecture software. Revit likes to be run on the primary display, so I have my primary display set to display 1, on the left side. I like for most other programs to run on the right side. However for some reason Firefox WILL NOT open on the right display. It ALWAYS opens on the left, and then I have to drag it over to the right. Super annoying. I know nVIDIA's nView software can control this kind of thing, but my experience is that nView does not play nice with the latest version of Revit. I thought maybe with Win7 they would have finally made program windows remember where they were when closed, but I guess this is not the case. Is there some OS setting buried somewhere that can remedy this, that I have missed?

Second, in Windows XP I had a few program shortcuts in the little toolbar next to the Start Button. I had Firefox, Revit, Outlook, and a couple of shortcuts to our main server's network drive and our FTP server. I prefer to have direct access to those network locations with one click, but it seems that I can only pin network drive shortcuts inside the Windows Explorer shortcut. So now I have to right-click on that and then click on the network location I want. When you're in and out of files stored on the network as much as I am, that's hundreds, if not thousands of extra clicks every day.

Also, browsing in Windows Explorer has become rather cumbersome. I have to navigate in and out of various folders in various projects all day long, and not having an "Up" button makes things quite difficult. I don't always want to go back to the previous location. Sometimes I need to navigate up higher in the tree than I was before, and so the Back button doesn't work. It also doesn't help that the tree on the left side doesn't expand to show the current location in the main Explorer viewing pane.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me. It's just little stuff like this that makes things so much more difficult for my everyday tasks,
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  1. Finally got Firefox opening on the right screen. I started it (launched maximized on left screen), restored to non-max size, moved to right screen, then closed it (not maximized). Then I started it again, and it came up in the same spot on the right screen. I maximized it on the right screen, then closed it again. Then I opened it a 3rd time, and now it always comes up max'd on the right screen, just how I like it. :D I guess the key is the non-max'd size and where it is when it closes when not max'd.

    Still haven't figured out the other things. I realllllllllllly need an Up button when browsing files in WinExplorer.
  2. There should be options to get everything you're looking for... it's just a matter of finding them. I haven't played around the way you have, so I don't know exactly where everything is... yet. Once I get a chance to mess around some more I'll see what I can find. Someone else will probaby have this solved before me, however.

    I know you can modify what buttons are displayed on the explorer windows... I just have to find out where to change that again.
  3. Yeah in XP you just click one of the menu items to customize, but now there are no menu items in 7.
  4. Actually I did get the menu items to appear, but still no way to add an "up folder level" button. I did find the option to expand the tree to show the current folder location on the left side.

    I still don't like having to right-click first to get to the shortcut to the mapped server network drive. I also don't like the quick-access icons expanding into taskbar buttons. Sometimes I need to open multiple instances of Explorer windows to show various locations on our network drives. It's not always immediately apparent which taskbar button I have to right-click on in order to get access to another Explorer window instance.
  5. woohoo got my Quick Launch tool bar back. This site explains how to do it:

  6. Wouldn't using the "Windows Classic" theme also accomplish at least some of what you want?
  7. Yeah but that looks like a dinosaur :p

    I also realized that the Directory Up button isn't really needed since you can click on any item in the "breadcrumbs" list in the address bar at the top of the Explorer window, to go directly to any folder higher up in the tree above your current location.

    So once click can accomplish that of several Directory Up button clicks.
  8. The interface is made to be faster and easier, after all... just a matter of getting used to it. I had totally forgotten about the address bar.
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