How friendly is 8 to precision X? intel cpu overclocking software?

I'm in a position where my windows 7cd installs a version littered with not responding windows and a choppy, laggy experience when I did a complete reformat and reinstall. Windows reps said it was due to my hardware failure, but booting Ubuntu from a flash drive and running diagnostics proved otherwise (Ubuntu is good, but not a permanent solution for me personally, just troubleshooting)
I'm looking at windows 8 for my media center rig and like streaming the desktop on my nexus 7, so live tiles aren't an issue. I figure since this is Microsoft's "cats meow" so to speak, and am hoping support Is a little better driver wise. the programs that are always running on my desktop are steam for gaming, evga's precision X, and chrome or Firefox. Has anyone used these programs themselves, how do they perform or affect performance, and would you recommend upgrading in my current situation? And if you recommend installing on new hard drive, I'm prepared for that ;)

My rig (The Tantive IV) *anyone!?*
Intel i5 2500k 3.30
Dual gtx 460 1gb sli (one removed trying to troubleshoot win7 issue)
Western digital 1tb HDD
12gb Corsair vengence ram
Corsair 700w PSU
Sony DVD-/+r /cd-/+rw

Many thanks to you guys!
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  1. Say what?

    If you can't get windows 7 to clean install, you either have either:

    1) a pirated crappy version of windows 7 or
    2) something is horribly dated or wrong with your computer

    You don't even mention your motherboard - that is important.

    If you can't get windows to run smoothly, you should not be overclocking anything, regardless of OS choice.

    And P.S. Tom's have done fine articles of overclocking Win 8 CPU vs Win 7 CPU. Performance is near identical.
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