Win7x64: 15 => 20 minutes to go into hibernate?!?!?

I have an Asus P6T-Deluxe V2 motherboard with a Core i7 920 CPU and 6GB RAM and a RAID-5 hard drive array.

When I try to enter Hibernate mode, it takes around 15 to 20 minutes to get into hibernate before the PC turns off.

As an additional note, performing a "Standby" will shut my monitor down in seconds, but it takes over 3 minutes for the system to actually shut down. A ton of hard drive activity is going on during the shutdown (similar to what happens for the hibernate).

What is going wrong?

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  1. can you check your performance log?usually they have warning with some program or driver is causing the slowdown in hibernation or standby. If you isolate the program, shutdown the program before going to hibernation/standby. If it is a driver, update the driver.
  2. Thanks, Pyree ... Where do I find the "Performance Log" at? I know where the Event Log is - Is it somewhere near that?
  3. i've seen similar things before my arrays crashed, any other symptoms?
  4. 13thmonkey said:
    i've seen similar things before my arrays crashed, any other symptoms?

    Not really. Everything is reporting normal on my RAID-5 array. My system is working fine - It's just really slow to hibernate / sleep.
  5. make a backup, just in case.

    If you look in the event viewer (type event viewer in the start menu box) one of the categories might show you something.
  6. Yes I mean event log, sorry. I think it is under computer management and one of the log in event viewer. Search for the entry with a warning. I cannot trace back on where exactly the the event is logged because my memory is a bit fuzzy. I encounter a similar problem a year ago and I found that my wireless driver was causing the slow hibernation and I have to wait until an update driver to fix the problem.
  7. Thanks, for the help, guys!

    I cleared out my logs, and went into standby and hibernate modes. Both still took a long time to shut down.

    After powering up and looking in my logs, I couldn't see anything obvious that held the system up. I did find an interesting path (Event Viewer\Applications and Services Logs\Microsoft\Diagnostics-Performance\Operational), that did show nice stuff about entering Standby Mode, but it didn't show any problems with the shutdown - Just issues found during the power-up from Standby Mode.
  8. Hey man, I have the same problem. Running RAID-5 and 4GBs RAM, 2.8GHz Quad-core CPU, and hibernate takes FOREVER to finish. Resume from hibernate has no issues, and sleep has no issues. Have you come up with any ideas? I haven't always had the problem, and I don't remember when it started (I rarely hibernate). But it would be nice to just hibernate or have the security of the computer hibernating quickly enough when the battery starts to run low.
  9. Hi, Sp4zc0r3 -

    No, I haven't had any luck finding a solution yet.

    I'm still hoping to get this figured out. The main reason I need this to work is when my UPS detects a power failure, it will put the PC into sleep/hibernate.

    However, it takes far too long for my system to properly shut down right now and my hard drive gets corrupted during the UPS shut off.

  10. Windows 7 does a lot of housekeeping before shutting down. If you do anything that affects the registry or bootup (like MSCONFIG), that will add significant time. If you are running a backup program that is set to execute at shutdown, that will add more time. I've actually had shutdowns take up to several hours, although I suspect there is something else going on. A couple of solutions:

    * I've seen programs designed to produce a fast shut-down. I suspect they do something like put the computer into sleep/hibernate mode, shut down, and then boot up as if awakening, or suppress/delay most of the housekeeping. Do a search at the big download sites.

    * Install a mirror RAID. That will provide a means to recover from an incomplete shut down. Hopefully this doesn't happen often.

    * Buy a humongous UPS and a generator. Use the UPS to keep the computer going long enough for the generator to kick in. That should buy you enough time for a normal Windows 7 shutdown if you don't run out of gas.

    * Go back to Windows XP. :-)
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