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When i bought my webcam it worked slow (8FPS), recently just by incedent i find out it was working @ very high frame rate 30FPS (i checked with fraps), and i go website and read specification for cam, it says it can run up to 30 fps.
Now after few hours it works @ 8FPS again, whats can i possibly do to speed it up back to 30 fps? I use Windows 2000 SP4, and i try change usb slots its all same.
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  1. I can only guess..

    If USB cam doesn't have a power source, and it totally powered by the USB port, that could one thing.

    Are you using one devoted USB port for the cam? Or are you plugging it in a USB hub?

    Usually windows would say certain warnings, if the USB can't power, or if it running at a lower speed.. IE USB 1.1 - 2.0

    The bios on my mainboard does include adjusting the voltage to the USB ports Low/Med/High as well as 1.1 legacy support and 2.0.

    Might want to check up on the manual or website on your MB.
  2. Its pluged in my mobo usb port not hub, how can i check at what speed usb port works?

    What change does altering usb voletage?
  3. Usually, resolution changes the fps as well. Try changing the size of the picture and adjust the quality settings. Setting them back a little usually helps. Not a whole lot more you can do other than that.

    Go the cameras site and see if they have any resolutions on there to the problems. They may have updated software, drivers etc. that may fix your particular problem.
  4. I use lowest resolution and its still same.
    Its Genius webcam and they dont have new drivers and dont answer my e-mails :(.

    Is there way to check actual USB port speed?
  5. Might help if you tell us your MB/CPU/RAM is.

    I think I found your webcam, though I'm guessing:

    VideoCAM Genius

    It does say:

    * Image Sensor type: VGA (640x480) CMOS Image Sensor
    * Lens type: Manual Focus
    * White Balance: Auto
    * Interface: USB1.1
    * File Format: JPEG/AVI
    * Build in Microphone
    * Still Image:
    - 1,280 x 960 pixels (Maximum)
    * AVI capture: 320 x 240 pixel
    - 30 fps

    * PC CAM: Up to 30 fps
    - VGA: 640 x 480
    - CIF: 352 x 288
    - QVGA: 320 x 240
    * TWAIN compliant: YES
    * Dimensions: 84.8 x 76 x 92.7 mm (WxHxD)

    As far as I said about voltage, just forget about it. As long as the cam has its own devoted port, and isn't shared with another USB device. I don't know if I picked out your cam, but it seems all the older cams are 1.1 USB. Only the newer ones are 2.0 and 1.1 compatible.

    The only thing that could hinder FPS is your processor speed, and if you run backgroud programs.

    I'm only taking a wild guess at this, since I don't have a webcam that shows FPS to determine the reason it drops to 8FPS behind it.

    Though the speed on USB 2.0 is faster.
  6. P4 2.7 GHz,
    Ausu P4G8X Deluxe
    1024 MB Ram
    Radeon 9800

    I havent checked USB voletage yet, but it uses usb 1.1 and heres homepage in russian, they pulled it off english Genius site. And it says supports up to 30 FPS.
  7. I guess the only question I have left to ask, it prolly should have been the 1st question..

    What are you using your cam for?

    I remember an old program called CUSEEME. It used webcams for video conferences. Those were the days when I was on 28.8k~56k modems. I vaguely/hardly remember the frame rates that were going on for it.

    Edit: Though, it was at 160x120 res... (just checked it, 30fps) :roll:

    Now if your using your cam on software for a type of conference, depending on your network connection to a server or client may infuence your fps as well.
  8. I just want it work as specifyed @ 30 fps not 8 :(

    You think I can exchange it in shop cause of low fps (I still have guarantee for it)?
  9. Heh i just lost my warranty, damn i ripped off this warranty ticket from cord...

    Doh, but i found out it works on max fps with certain setting, Cam Properties > Auto Explosure = "Stop AE" and then u have to replug cam and it start to work at max fps but very dark, to add more light u need switch node and then switch back, but it falls back @ 5 fps when you do so.
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