Needs to know DVD blank format to play on home DVD player...

I have an NEC-3550A DVD/CD burner. It burns +R/-R dual layer, etc. What format blank disc do I need to use in order to burn a movie so that the movie DVD that I create will play on my home consumer Panasonic DVD player connected to my CRT television? Thank you.
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  1. I use DVD-R.
  2. Yeah, they say the DVD -R works the best in home players. I've used both but I think it depends mainly on not only the format, but the quality of the disks too.

    I once bought a Sony 10 pack of DVD +R and 4 of them were turned into coasters.

    Now, I use Ridata DVD +R and buy them in bulk packs from newegg and I haven't had any problems with them at all.

    I think its more or less luck of the draw.
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