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I'm spending my hard-earned baht on a new PC in a week or two. It's for general home use, some home studio use (I'll be using a couple of tried and trusted PCI audio cards I've already got) and some games (mainly Doom). Maybe a little overclocking just so I can feel I've got something for nothing. I'd be grateful for any suggestions for better/more cost-effective component choices.

DFI nF4 Ultra-Infinity or A8N-SLi (roughly the same price in Thailand, depends on availability. I can't see a need for SLI, but see below).

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (Venice core if I can find one).

1GB RAM (2x512MB, Kingmax SuperRAM).

XFX GF6600D2 GeForce 6600, 256MB DDR2 450/800 MHz.

Barracuda 7200.9 ST3200827AS 200GB SATA drive (maybe a couple of 160GBs if I can cut a good enough deal).

About a 400-450W PSU.

One caveat is that I may want to run two monitors at some stage in the future for home studio use. Nothing fancy (or fast) required for the second monitor. Ideally I'd like to use an old AGP card I already have for the second monitor, but reading around it seems the PCIe/AGP mobos may be less than good (and I haven't seen one in Thailand anyway). Not needing SLI (or wanting to spend the money on two mid-range(?) graphics cards), would I have a problem running two monitors using the GF6600 and A.N. Other cheapo card (if I get the SLI mobo)? (Or have I missed the point?)

I really do want the best graphics card I can get on my (slim) budget. Can I do better than the GF6600 DDR2 (for no or little more money)?

Any advice gratefully accepted.
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  1. Go Dual core, then in a few months you can use Vista at its recommended system specs.
  2. Quote:
    Go Dual core, then in a few months you can use Vista at its recommended system specs.

    Love to, but that would add around 20-25 per cent to my total system cost :(

    The cheapest AMD dual core I can find here is the X2 3800+ (13,900 baht) vs the 3200+ (circa 6,500). Only alternative I can see is going PentiumD 805/820 (5,700/9,200).

    Could I build as 'good' a system as the I one I've listed based around the D 805? (Partly a rhetorical question -- I hadn't really considered it.)

    It would free up some more cash for the graphics card ... can you OC a D805 as easily/much as the 320+?
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