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  1. I liked this bit

    Disclaimer: Let's just make sure we understand something here: this was a quick benchmark, grabbed in a room, with systems that we didn't control the set up of. We are not presenting these numbers as defining (unlike some other sites): just as an interesting look at what we might be able to expect. Please don't over analyse them.
  2. yeah , :lol: thats the whole joke about it. :lol:
  3. Quote:
    oh i thought it was because the reference fx60 got a better score than the intel overclocked one, i guess im just dumb
    I think you caught the more important point.

    Of course, admittedly, the intel overclocked system wasn't used the top motherboard either, so that could have an effect.

    Or they could have done a less than steller job overclocking, which isn't hard to do on an Athlon system if you don't know what you're doing.

    Or there are all sorts of other posibilities. But I will say that Conroe does look promising.
  4. You're not funny.
  5. ...and nForce4 SLI also probably is a better chipset for gaming than the RD480.

    "This chap was blown away by Conroe performance."
    So true =)
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