Can't logon to W2K Domain through PIX 515 VPN

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We have a single user that we are trying to grant access to our doamin
through a PIX 515 VPN. I think we have everything setup ok in the PIX.
We have the DNS and WINS info entered and the the clients username and
password. The client is a 2000 pro using the standard Microsoft DUN VPN
client (PPTP). The problem is the client can attach to the PIX but when
we cannot get a connection to the domain. We have entered the domin
info into the client, etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Archived from groups: comp.dcom.vpn (More info?)

    I have never had much luck with consistently connecting to a PIX w/
    Windows DUN. You could try using the Cisco VPN Client to connect
    instead of the Windows DUN. You would need to configure the PIX to let
    the VPN Client through though.

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