Mobo won't enable newly installed card.

I just bought the BFG 6800 GS OC for record's sake. Here's the problem:

Tried continuously to d/l the latest drivers from Nvidia, but whenever I try to install them, my computer (brand new rig) tells me that there's no hardware support for my current hardware setup.

I look in my hardware manager and find no active monitor adaptor and the display properties list the adaptor as 'default monitor' or something like that.

Is my card dead or am I just an idiot for not installing the disc that came with the card from BFG? Or does this sound like something else gone wrong?

Every other time I have tried to 'cold start' a card with drivers from the web, it's worked.
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  1. Well I would go ahead and install the driver disc that came with the card to make sure it is working and then I would download and install the latest drivers from Nvidia.
  2. What OS?
    In 2k/xp
    in the device manager,
    under display adaptors,
    what does it say exactly?

    Do you have other video (on-board)?
    Is your card functioning at all?
    Is it running on default (OS) video drivers?

    Information man... If you want us to help you try to provide as much info as possible.
  3. Is this a AGP card? If so you have to use the nVidia 82.12 or higher drivers not the 81.98 drivers. The card is newer than the 81.98 driver. I have the same problem if I try to install the nVidia d/l driver.
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