usb driver conflict?

:? Hello can anyone help me onthis an dhopefully many others too.
I have a Behringer BCR2000 midi controller connected via USB.
When i use the Behringer driver it will not give data back to the bcr2000.
But when i use the bcr2000 on an other usb port then windows uses it's own generic usb audio device driver, this driver gives data back to the bcr2000. But when you use the windows generic driver you can not use the midi-ports available on the bcr2000.
Behringer says first it is an hardware fault in the computer.
I don't think so because it is working with windows own driver.
So it must be a driver conflict or so.
Does anyone know how to handle this, or how to find the conflicting drivers.
Windows is not giving errors. Also upgrading to service pack 2 mentioned by Behringer is not giving other results.
Help please, thanks very much.
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  1. Well, that's tough because, it sounds as if the Behringer driver has a bug in it. Does it fully support the operating system your currently using? That would be one of the first things to check.

    When you plug it in to the usb port, does it ask you to load the driver? One thing you can try is go into the device manager from the control panel, unload the current driver from it and reload the driver from the disk. Another thing is, you may want to go to Behringers site and see if they have a more updated driver for your unit. They may have found a bug with your current driver and fixed it.

    I have a mixer I hook to my PCs via USB and ran into the same problem. The disk that came with my mixer was bad.
  2. 8) Thanks for replying!
    Well i use the latest driver and firmware behringer has available, they are downloadable at behringers website.
    I posted my faults more than once at behringers support but they don't seem to be able to help me and others. Because on several other forums people claim to have the same problem.
    Also winxp does not ask for a driver, because it simply uses it's own generic driver. So you have to plug the device in and then install the behringer driver.
    The device is usable with the generic driver BUT then you can not use the midi-ports on the device, and i need those too. It must be some kind of conflict.
    Also the behringer drivers are not signed from microsoft.
  3. Man, that bcr2000 is pretty kewl looking. Seems abit complicated to understand how it exactly works. I kinda wonder if the generic driver is more linked to the soundcard midi.

    Have you tried disabling the soundcard midi? I kinda wonder if that could be the conflict.

    Just kinda curious, since I recently brought (had nothing to do with midi) USB headset that uses a mic. The soundcard is by passed, and uses a USB driver to where the mic sends sound through the USB port. So with the headset plugged in, and I double click the speaker icon, I no longer have the same volume controls as the soundcard did.

    So if you think about how the inputs is no longer a physcal port through the sound card. Just trying to use that example as a contrast to the midi side.

    Anyways.. good luck on that.
  4. :) Thanks thats a great idea! i will try to disable the midi from the soundcard, although i don't think it is pssible on the audigy2 but i will take a look at it. Thanks for the response.
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