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I am setting up ADSL broadband for my parents on a wires-only service (probably freedom2surf-i am in the uk)and i just want to make sure i know exactly what i am doing because i am not so great when it comes to networking.
They have two computers so they want it set up on both.I would be grateful if anyone could answer the questions i have.Here is a list of the things i have established that i need:
ADSL Modem
2 NICs
Network Cables

Is there anything i have missed?
Do i need microfilters for every phone socket in the house or just the one that the modem is plugging into(they have two phones)?
Do i just connect both computers into the router via the NICs and then connect the modem into the router as well?Most of the modems seem to have a usb interface so i don't quite understand how i should do that.
Thanks in advance for any help :smile: .

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  1. first, I dont have DSL but I believe you need a filter for every phone in the do not need one for the modem, just the phones.

    Second, my cable modem is advertised as "USB Interface" yet still has the old reliable RJ-45 Ethernet jack as well. Use that to connect the modem to the router. As well as the pc's to the router....all RJ-45

    If the modem is USB only, then....well then I am not sure, maybe a USB router? Chances are it will have an RJ-45 WAN port as well as a USB one though.

    hope that helps and you might want a second opinion on that filter thing, I could be wrong :)
  2. thanks for your help :smile: .apparently i do need a filter for every socket in use.i'll have a look into whether the modems i am looking at have RJ45 as well as usb connections.

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
  3. You'll need a filter for every REN device on the line. So every phone, bell etc needs a filter.

    Or you can get a master plate filter which does all the filtering at the master socket.

    If you can get one, get a router with a built in modem. Also if you plan to have more than one PC attached, get a switch and not a hub. Ideally you could get a router/modem with a built in switch.

    Check out <A HREF="" target="_new">Solwise's</A> SAR715. They also do the filters. What's more, you can mail them to have the latest firmware onboard, and when you set it up, they'll tlak you through it if you're nice to them. :smile:

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  4. thanks.
    i have another problem which is quite difficult to explain but i will have a go.
    my parents have a phone extension cable running through the house to where their pc is,which they used to plug their dial-up modem into

    i.e. phone socket------------------------[------modem

    it has a bt type plug at one end(which goes into the main phone socket) and a bt-type mini socket at the other.they then have a normal bt-rj11 cable which goes from that 'mini socket' on the cable to the save them having to run another cable through the house, would it be possible to use a bt-rj11 adapter to change the bt plug into an rj11 and plug that into the microfilter at the main socket, and then use the old bt-rj11 cable and run it from the 'mini socket' into the adsl modem?can you use normal modem cables for adsl?could the adapter adversely affect anything?
    thanks in advance if you can get through that muddle :smile: .

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
  5. You'll most likely have a cable with RJ-11 ends. If I'm right, the small BT cable you speak of is it, but to be honest you'll prolly get a cable with a router, so just use the kit given. If you are considering having an active dial-up backup, then keep it all handy, but I tend to rely on the ADSL to be good. Any down time I've had have been short lived.

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