Thermaltake 680 watt PSU .....anyone have one?

I have a new thermaltake 680watt PSU seems very nice . before I use it any advice, knowledge, or comments on this Item.I dont hear much about them just curious on anyones elses luck with this brand or particular Item.Any help or knowledge on this is greatly appritiated.
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  1. Mozzartusm has one, he uses it on his uber overclocked Prescot at close to 5GHz.
    Says it is a very stable PSU albeit a little loud.
  2. I have a 420watt thermaltake PSU, it's been a very solid unit. I've had it about 2 1/2 years and no problems at all. It's a quite little unit, powers plenty of stuff, I have a 3.2 presscot cpu, X850XTPE agp graphics card, 1 gig of ram, 1 hard drive, 2 optical drives, 2 fans and a HDTV pci card runnig from it, no problems with it, this is my second computer it's in now. Any magazine/web reviews have been good also.
  3. A 700watt PSU powering a 300watt system should put off less heat than a 330watt PSU powering that same system.
    The closer you get to max rating of the PSU, the hotter it gets.
  4. You would deffinaltly run cooler. Given the Example that a small block-V8 engine in a Mustang will burn more fuel than a Big Block -V8 in the same car simply because the smaller one has to work constantly. Sometime's having too much is good ........LOL The PSu is not very loud at all to me.I was just trying to get any helpful hints before I start pulling the juice out of it.....If there is anything I should be aware of or watch for let me know.....This PSU is New to me.
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