Give me a few minutes to gather my screenshot army, I am running a Vista beta on my home PC. The cake baking game *whatever its called* uses DX10 , if I run dxdiag I get shown DX10, and my 6600GT is definitly DX9... Why does it work?

Emulation is a possibility, but I get better Frame rates on AOE3 and F.E.A.R in my Vista boot...
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  1. A driver can offer 'compatibility' with an API that a videocard was not designed for, but you certainly won't get to use any of the extra features.

    All that means is that the driver will allow limited use without crashing. But when games come out that require DX10, you won't be able to play them with that card.
  2. Games that require DX10 wont come out for years and years though.
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