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At the moment i have a Q-Tec 650W, and it's crap...

I'm looking for a 500W Modular PSU that's quiet and reliable, i've seen the Ultra X-Connect ones, the Enermax Liberty and more but i need to know which is the best as i've already wasted £30 buying crap :)

Any info would be appreciated.
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  1. Hiper 580W Type-R PSUs are modular, and are really stable... and fairly cheap considering their quality... Seasonic PSUs are good, though i know some Tagan PSUs are modular, but i haven't heard much on whether they are any good or not, so i can't really say much on that aspect....
  2. Stay away from the X-connects...

    Given your choices I would go with the Enermax.
  3. I had an X-Connect and it was a blatant piece of sh*t. I now have an OCZ Powerstream which I love. However, OCZ makes a modstream 520 which is the exact same as the powerstream minus adjustable rails. So, for absolute reliability and stability I would definately recommend that.
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