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FLYING WITH YOUR CASE = please read im leaving tomorrow!

Last response: in CPUs
March 13, 2006 5:07:48 PM

Im moving tomorrow and Im going to carry my case with me as baggage... (not carry on of course)anyone of you guys have ever done this before? my case is a thermaltake soprano's in the original box sealed(by myself). Any suggestions...? and I'm flying with AA
March 13, 2006 5:13:27 PM

First of all, the CPU is a component of the computer. It stands for Central Processing Unit. You will be beaten with a stick if you call a computer a "hard drive" or "CPU".

Now, on to my advice, I suggest that before you go to use your computer again, make sure everything inside of it is still connected properly. Sometimes travel will loosen video cards out of their slots which could cause problems or even permanent damage.

As for the security of your PC, I do not know if it is at risk to be stolen. Don't forget, you stand to lose more than just your PC, but the data that is on it too. You may wish to remove your hard drive and take it as a carry-on to protect you from information theft.

If the box advertises it is a computer that is inside it may increase its chances of being stolen while waiting for you to pick it up.

Also, do not be surprised if airport security wants to take a look inside of the case to make sure it is not concealing a weapon or bomb of some type.

Hope that helps.
March 13, 2006 5:15:10 PM

Usually what I do is remove the HSF from the processor as I use aftermarkets and they are much bigger, bulkier and heavier than stock.

If for some reason you can't take it on the plane with you, I would certainly inspect it once you get to your new destination. I've seen those ramp agents throw stuff around before and it can get a bit scary.

Not trying to be negative here. Just giving my 2 cents.
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March 13, 2006 5:22:51 PM

im going to "plastic wrap" the box... because there's no way I can change the box to a blank one or reverse the current one without breaking it... As for the hard drive im carrying it with me and everything else is locked inside the case. note that thermaltake cases come with the plastic locks for the pci components but I used a screw for my video card just to be sure. What im really worried about is airport security... I see them opening the box and scraping my case looking for a bomb or something :cry:  they are gonna find nothing but a sweet 4000 sandy :) 
March 13, 2006 5:27:02 PM

I've flown before with my desktop unit and have had no problems. Now what I do is, I ship it to the destination via UPS or Fedex and pick it up when I get there or have someone I know pick it up for me.

If they take it out of the box and inspect it, they may also have you turn it on just to make sure it's a working unit and not a fake. Be prepared for it