problems with enermax liberty 500, OCing my AMD 4400x2

i currently own the enrmax liberty 500, which i have read was a very reliable psu.
but i cant seem to get past the 230 fsb in my 4400x2 with my fatal1ty mobo
at first i was trying to Oc with my cheap ol case PSU, so i bought this one.
no, no change. still 230Mhz fsb wall
do you think its the Psu, or maybe the power at home?
what do you think?

should i buy a ups, if so, what do you recommend?
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  1. I have the same problem with my intel 920 ive been trying to hit 4 ghz but it cant. Does your cpu shut down as soon as you try to boot it with the fsb at 230?
  2. I seriously doubt it is the PSU. Try this one in the OC forums here.
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