Video Card chart: Overclocking vs. Stock

Overclock cards vs. Stock Cards

Please post your video card benchmarks here.
Need your system specs, OS, BIOS rev. also drivers info. What overclocking tool you are using. For fun lets find some MAC users out there and see their bench marks
First Benchmark without overclocking, then overclock and take the measurements again.

This is all I could find online but no real take away. Like "at my X850 below out when I _________"

Overclock at you own risk. :twisted:
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  1. Hey, first time here.

    I have a leadtek 6600TD OC'ed from 300/500 to 550/525 on stock cooling, temps are round 70*C. I don't have pic's because i dont know how to do that :lol:

    It gets 2900 3dmarks in 3dmark05 instead of 2100 :D

    My system is:
    AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (at stock speeds)
    1GB dual channel geil memory (love it :D )
    Gigabyte GA-K8NMF9
    Geforce 6600TD (drivers 81.98)
    For OC i use rivatuner

  2. damn; that's hot. what do you use to monitor the temps.
  3. windows xp home
    specs are in sig
    without ocing its 8455
    ocing from 430/1200 to 513/1350 it raises it up to 9041

    temsp were at 65C full load to 72 C full load
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