Geforce 7300 GS or Radeon x1300 Hypermem in XPS 200 Dim 5150

Hi Everyone,
Like most of those who bought the slim case Dimension 5150c/XPS 200, I would like to upgrade my video card. At present, I have a radeon X600 Hypermem, not much of a winner when it comes to Call of Duty and others.
I have my eyes on the Radeon x1300 and the Geforce 7300 gs both in low profile (with a slight advantage for the X1300)
Here is the question: Could anyone confirm or has anyone tried to put one of these cards in the case? If yes, Does it work?

Please answer me.

Thank guys.

The cards are the XFX GeForce 7300 GS and the GECUBE RADEON X1300 DDR2 Hyper Memory
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  1. Both are pretty bad... the X1300's hypermemory uses system ram to top up videocard ram (performance hit), and the 7300 GS has 64-bit memory (very bad for performance)

    You're not going to be doing killer gaming on each. So given the choice I'd probably get the X1300 for better DVD viewing and faster video encoding.

    But if you're a gamer, find another card...
  2. Thanks for the reply, I know they're far from being the best cards, but that's all that can fit in my (stupid) little case; and it should be better than my "super boosted" X600 SE.
    My question is : Would they actually fit and work?

    I would preferably go for the ATI like advised above.
  3. The 7300GS uses TurboCache (uses system ram too), so the X1300 with its hypermemory is better in all respects, provided you get a 128-bit version.
  4. Thanks again for the reply.
    I thought the ATI Turbocache was the same thing as the Nvidia Hypermemory (using the system's RAM as part of the Video RAM).

    I appreciate that you're trying to help but it's not possible for me to go for other cards as other cards doesn't exist in low profile (or half height) format.

    I just want to know if any of these card would fit in the Dell 5150c case or XPS 200 in the States.

    Or maybe you've heard of another card fitting the description which is better than ATI X600 SE Hypermemory (my current card).

    And no I'm not gonna go for a Quadro.


    I have contacted Dell, I will post the answer here for those interested.


    Unfortunately, Dell doesn't give advice on cards others than the ones they sell.

    I think I'll go for the Powercolor X1300 with 512 MB HyperMemory
  5. hi,

    go for this card:

    AOpen VGA128MB GF 6600-DV128LP

    it is based on gef6600, and i have the same DELL case that you have.

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