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I have a dell Inspiron 1000 lap top that was given (free) to me. It's only a year old also! It does not turn on! I have checked the power supply, battery, etc. There is power on the board in several different spots. If this was left on during a storm what would be the most likely part to fry! CPU, Mobo or junk the whole thing?
Now, being a dell, do I have to go to Dell and get a replacment board or can I get a board and cpu elsewhere?
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  1. CPU you can get elsewhere, but you'll likely have to get the board from Dell, unless you can find a used one on ebay. Isn't that exciting!
  2. yeah what the previous guy said. but before you replace the board - which won't be cheap - try shorting out one of the USB ports. with a screw driver. because one time i managed to do so while it was in use and the power just died and it wouldn't boot up. i was about to strip it for parts when i touched the usb contacts with the outer metal housing of the port and presto it was back to its normal crappy self.
    this prolly wont work, but hey aint it worth a shot anyway
  3. I know it's difficult to answer over the internet but which do you all think would have gone bad the mobo or something else?
  4. Most likely something on the mobo. They will typically fry before the CPU from what I have seen over the years.
  5. I was afraid of that! It's great that I have to use a dell board to replace it! :x
  6. All good advice, Thanks!
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