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I'm from South Africa, and I'm in the process of upgrading my old PC, or you could say I'm buying a whole new system. I've got a couple of questions regarding what would be the right parts to buy.

1: I'm getting a 7900GTX from USA, but I'd like to know what is the best card and brand, keep in mind that I have $550 to spend.

2: Should I wait for the new socket 940 AM2 processors or should I just continue with purchasing an AMD X2 3800+?

3: What mobo should I be going for, the specs of the motherboard that I want is SLi, preferably 32x, Overclockable with decent chipset cooling and low noise levels, aswell as the price must be about $100-$150.

4: I already have 1GB of Samsung DDR400 from my old rig, should I keep it, or should I buy some new easily OC ram?

5: For this system I'm sure that I should get about a 500W PSU to be on the safe side, but I want to know what kind of power ratings in the PSU I should be looking for?
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  1. 1. There are quite a few respectable vendors for a 7900GTX, I can only personally vouche for eVGA, I own a 6800GT from them and I have had no problems what-so-ever with the card. I have also heard good things from Asus and XFX although I have personally never used one. If you have 550 to spend, you are going to probably spend every last penny on a 7900GTX. On new egg most are in the 550 - 600 dollar range.

    2. Once again, the debate to wait or buy now. If you need the computer now, get it now, socket939 still has a lot of life in it and it will take some time for AM2 to mature just like socket939 did. From what I have read on these forums, you might want to go get yourself an Operton 165 instead of a 3800+ x2. They look like they have much more potential than the x2.

    3. Why do you want an SLI motherboard? Are you going to get two graphics cards?

    4. If you are going to be doing heavy gaming, I would invest in 2GB of ram. Some top name vendors are Corsair, OCZ, and Mushkin.

    5. Get at least a 500W PSU.
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