I accidentally formatted my 100MB system reserve.

Not sure if this is where I should be posting this but I figured since it was a windows 7 problem, it could be posted here. Anyways, so I was formatting my harddrives, and I accidentally formatted my 100MB system reserve, I searched for the problem on google, found a solution but that solution helped and didn't at the same time. I had repaired the issue using my windows disk, but the system reserve is still no longer on my drive. Also I had read that the system reserve was suppose to be on whichever harddrive the OS was one, mine wasn't in the first place. My OS is on a SSD. I can boot to windows, but the system reserve is not there anymore, is that an issue or not?
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    it is used by BitLocker, if you don't use that feature of windows 7, that's not an issue at all. It is created when you install windows 7 on auto without making partition first. So basically safe to remove as far as i know
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