How to compare Mobos?

Sorry if this has been asked tons of times but how can I compare mobos.

There are just so many floating around, even when I limit myself to just looking at ones for certain sockets. I have read reviews but I don't know how to make my own comparison.

I keep hearing about northbridge, southbridge, FSB.

I understand that FSB seems to be a great limiter to the performance of CPUs and Northbridge, Southbridge speeds are related to how fast data is transferred between the other components in the Mobo.

I have tried google search but its always either review that pop up or guides written back in 1994 or something.

Thanks for the help
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  1. Well, you take one mobo maker, go to its web site and start looking at the various offer. Then switch to another one.. then another one.

    Once you have a clue about the socket(CPU) they use, then you look at varioiuos CPU type and their difference and particularity. You'll see that they use different chipset too. so, going to chipset maker web site will give you the info about the chipset and the difference between them.

    Now, chipset bring features. Some feature can be really confusing. Now then, google is your friend.

    So, as an exemple, let's examine Asus A8N-e

    AMD Socket 939 cpu, nforce4 chipset, SATA2, ..blabla..

    So, by going to AMD(or even shopping site like newegg) you will have the specs about the CPU. Some specs like integrated memory controller can be ..hein? WTF is that. Then google "amd cpu integrated memory controller" and you will have more info about it.

    Then nforce 4. google will bring you to nvidia web site, if you did not knoew it already. then on nvidia, you'll see the different chipset available. With all different features. And so on..

    There is no easy way to compare motherboard. as there is different cpu, chipset... so the best way is to learn about those socket and chipset first.. then you'll have a better clue about the rest.
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