Virtuallizing a raw host drive as external drive threw another com

okay, im annoyed, ive been at this for 2 days downloading every software threads and how tos referred me to(including the unless referral VMware)

heres the stitch. i got a new processor, the o.c software and teh bios filed to set on auto, so i had to do it manually..over and over and over and over again. around 8 am i started to tweak the setting on the o.c software and in my slep deprived state i did something very stupid..i set the o.c software to load the last setting on startup..

afterward i hit a setting the crashed the computer, so now i can't boot it, cuase the o.c software is loading those com crashing setting on startup. so i when to use a back up harddrive which was empty, so i am now using teh computer with a fresh hdd. the other hardrive is as it was when i screwed up royal.

all ihave to do is load internal harddrive on my external hdd dock, in a virtualized environment which i looked for help threw google, which lead me to virtual box..which was 3 hours of wasted time, then i ran another search which lead me here eventaully, which referred me VMware, so i went to VMware only to find a god awful amount of crap i don't need and getting support from them was a joke, put in a ticket and await..wait..wait..wait, two hours later , i come back here. i had no idea what api from VMware to go and get most of it seems like its meant for servers, and im not running a server >.<

i have a hdd thats good, in a external dock, i can load its internal working threw my computer, but i need it virtaulized in order to uncheck that box in the o.c software so it doesn't load on startup, thats it >.<

(note to late night overclockers, go to frozenspu and get some energy drinks, lack of sleep and o.c software is a dangerous mix)
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  1. It must have been a late night.

    have you tried to enter safe mode(hammer that F8 key just after post but before windows loads then select safe mode). This normally does not load any startup apps, from there, you can disable or even uninstall the overclocking software it self(uninstalling it may remove the actual settings you chose to set to auto start.).
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