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I need help from people who have a sense of "noticable" speed/performance changes in video editing; I don't. I want to build a computer that primarily is used as a video editing machine but is capable of some fine gaming. My question is what CPU (therefore motherboard and drives) would I need to get that would satisfy this? In other words, should I buy the top rate AMD 64 chip or is there a cheaper AMD or, Intel for that matter, chip that would give me the same perceived/experienced operations?
Also, what drives would be fit for this?

Thanks for your help!
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  1. I have one machine I setup for video editing and it does an awesome job. I have the upscale processor in it but, any of the Pentium D chips will work good. With Intel getting ready to drop prices, that will make them an even better buy. Here's what I have setup:

    I use the Raptor drives from Western Digital. They're fast and all get out. I use one for programs and then I use a Seagate SATA high capacity drive for storage. These are the two I have in that machine currently.

    Then for graphics, I use this graphics card and that same machine is awesome for gaming:

    I don't know what your budget it, but this setup you certainly can't go wrong with it. Its blazing fast and does a nice job.
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