Which Manufacturer???

Out of curiosity, Which card Manufacturer do people choose?
I just went to Newegg and priced out the 7900GTX 512 Cards...Man-o-Man, which one to choose?? Asus, BFG, Gigabyte, eVGA, Leadtek, XFX..???

Which one has the best Track record? Which Company is considered the most reliable? Is one Manufacturer preferred more so on average than another?? and why??

Any comments appreciated, TIA..
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  1. i like xfx
  2. xfx have screwed up recently with some of there 7800gt cards and i was unlucky enough to get one but i sent i back and got it chaged for a gigabyte which i have had no problems with so far ( had it 3 months )
    i would also reccomend evga if you want to spend a little more money.
  3. i choose evga, overclocked models, which can be overclocked more if you wish. they have great warranty and step-up program too.
  4. First of all you should take a poll to tally which one is the favorite card amongst gamers and alike. That way you have an idea of what the popular or most desirable brand of graphics card. :D Sounds good.

    Okay, I would go with BFG as I have been using them since the 6200 AGP back in the day. Their cards are pretty stable and with lifetime warranty, so I have no fear of just pushing my cards to the limit with all settings at high. It's been my favorite brand since then and have never use another brand other than ATI's.
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