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What's best single GPU mobo/chipset?

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March 15, 2006 1:03:41 PM

I need to know if the nForce4 SLI
chipsets are better at handling
singleGPU systems, than the ones with
only one PCI-E x16 slot, because
the Single PCI-E x16 mobo's come
alot cheaper.

I just bought a 7900GTX gfx but
don't think I'll be getting another
one for SLI, at least not before
I've switched to AM2 cpu's and DDR2
memory, and as long as nForce 4
non-SLI mobo's come as cheap as now,
I don't see no reason why I would
buy a SLI mobo just yet.

Are there any good reasons why I would
prefer SLI mobo still?

I'd prefer suggestions of mobos that come
with SATAII, so I guess that's the nForce4
Ultra only? (if it turns out non-SLI mobos are

I'll be trying to reach as much as possible
OC on stock-cooling (maybe around 2.5GHz)
as soon as I get some new memory sticks,
but until then I need good mem/fsb divider
options, since I'm not sure my kingston 2x512
pc2700 (now oc'ing to 200MHz on nF2U400 at.
2,5-3-3-7) will reach 200 MHz on the new mobo,
and I WOULD like to reach at least 2.4GHz.

Help me out pls :lol: 

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March 16, 2006 2:09:51 PM

If your not throwing down for the second GPU. Then dont worry, there is no preformance difference between an SLI and "standard" NF4 chipset when running a single GPU.

As for good boards...

Epox, ECS and Asus have excellent products. If your into your OC'ing, then DFI is top, but keep an eye open for Sapphire....