GA-MA785GPMT-UD2H (rev. 1.0) BSOD - Drivers

So I'm stuck...

GA-MA785GPMT-UD2H (rev. 1.0)
Athlon II 245
- stock
G.Skill DDR3 1333
- stock
Seagate 500GB
Antec 380W PSU

I've wiped the HD, Prime tested the CPU, and Memtest + the RAM (all via UBD)
I've installed Windows 7 Pro x64 (which I would like to stay with, but I have the option to use x86).
I can install and get to the desktop, but whenever I restart I would get random BSOD; everything from memory errors to driver errors. However, another restart and everythings fine. I download drivers from the Gigabyte site and installed the ATI display/chipset driver (restart BSOD, driver ACHI.sys?). I upgraded the BIOS to F3 via QFlash(BSOD rdyboost.sys) Now I even tried to put in my win 7 disk and preform a repair and I get a NSFT.sys STOP 0x00000024. I've tried multiple different installs and wipes and now I'm getting a sector error in Boot & Nuke, but Seagate tools says everything is fine.

Final note for today... The HD I'm using was in a ReadyNAS Duo for 1 year and the last SMART check I did before pulling it from the unit said it had 2 unallocated errors, far below a damaged drive. I do not know what todo. I will try another wipe and install this time using the Gigabyte SATA drivers (preload) although why would the system be able to install with generic drivers if I needed to do this.

Please give me suggestions anything would be great.

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  1. from what you have said I think that there is not much to add, wiping the drive is mandatory and do a fresh install, the only issue that I see maybe the ATI video card, I am stil running Nvidea stuff because they (ATI) seem to have a lot of driver issues
  2. So I'm back at it after some thought... I'm trying some newer drivers I found, not the ones on the supplied disk, for the SATA controller, however the windows installer doesn't show them until I uncheck the "compatible hardware drivers only" box... normal?!? I'll keep this posted for anyone watching...

  3. no go , switching over to Windows 7 x86...

    ~*comment repressed*~

  4. So I know I'm digging up an old post, but instead of re-telling my story I'll just continue....

    I was able to finally get a good install of Windows 7 Pro (x64) with the above mentioned hardware. However, I cannot properly use any energy saving techniques (sleep, hibernate) because upon restart from either (or even a normal restart) I get occational driver BSoD...

    I just want to know if any else has had any luck with a different combination of drivers

    Display: ATI Radeon HD 4200 -- 8.671.0.0 (11/4/2009)
    LAN: realtek PCIe GBE -- 7.6.820.2009 (8/20/2009)
  5. This is a bump because I still am having BSoD issues and there hasn't been much development... just looking to see if anyone else has problems
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    Check with, it seems latest drivers available (1/20/2010).

    Try installing ATI Catalyst™ 10.1 Suite for Windows 7 (1/27/2010)
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  8. Driver's helped, still returned the board for faulty SATA ports
  9. Thanks for selecting as best answer!
    Happy to see your system woking fine & your Problems solved :)
    You are always welcome to this forum with any kind of system problems! :)
    We are here to help you any time :)
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